Pirate Shows

The Pirate Escape Show

Pirates are the scourge of the seven seas and the law is clear that they must be hunted down and captured.

It’s also clear that we all want to see them escape, to sail again.  Horatio Bachsjumpor, aka Captain Nobeard, will be shackled, chained, and secured in a crate. Can he slip his bonds and escape?

Photo taken during a performance at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

The Pirate Escape Show is an audience interactive performance in which a member of the audience is selected to become the onstage assistant of a major escape, inspecting the chains and box, and choosing and securing a series of padlocks. This show was created for adult audiences but is suitable for all ages.

TreasureQuest: Pirate Comedy & Magic

Captain Nobeard is a no good, lying scoundrel of a pirate who has misplaced a treasure. Until he finds the true map again, he is cursed to always carry a jar of the waters where the treasure was lost. Can a pirate use a little magic and some help from the audience to find the truth and restore the treasure?

With a volunteer at the Maryland Renaissance Festival

TreasureQuest: Pirate Comedy & Magic is an audience interactive performance in which members of the audience assist in magic tricks and bits of silly comedy. The show was created for young audiences and families.