Web series

In the year before the pandemic, Matthew helped produce and appeared in Dr. Dour & Peach: The Webseries. He also produced and appeared in a spin-off series of shorts, A Hot Minute with Hades.
Links to these webisodes are below:

Dr Dour & Peach: The Webseries

Teaser Trailer

Episode 1- The Shoe of the Dead

Episode 2- Re-animator? I Hardly Know Her!

Episode 3- Zapper the Flapper

Episode 4- Bob!

Episode 5- Hell’s Belle

Episode 6- Night of the Return of the Revenge of the Bride of the Doctor

A Hot Minute With Hades-

Episode 1- The Truth About Vampires

Episode 2- Legal AdVICE

Episode 3- Wanna Bet?

Episode 4- Numerology

Episode 5- The Z Word