Welcome to Matthew Pauli’s website!

I do a lot of things. First and foremost, I am a performer. I have performed on traditional stages and in circus tents. I have appeared at public festivals and private events, in opera houses and in hospitals. I have entertained audiences in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
I am a physical comedian and a classical actor who sometimes builds and performs puppets. I have performed mime and magic, scripted shows and improvisational shows. I use whatever means I can to tell stories. 
The one thing that ties everything that I do together is me. I’m professionally Matthew Pauli. It’s a niche market, but if that’s what you need for your show, I’ve got that covered better than anyone else.

Here, you can learn a little bit about what I do as an actor/clown/puppeteer/variety performer. Please enjoy exploring the site!

To contact Matthew, email PerformingPauli@gmail.com

Current & Upcoming:

Love Like Tuesday
with Faction of Fools Theatre Company, Inc.

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